About EMinS

The European Movement in Serbia (EMinS) is an independent and voluntarily organization of the citizens of Serbia. It was founded on November 24, 1992 as a non-governmental, non-party and not-profit organization. EMinS is an independent institution of the democratic public and a citizens’ organization that advocates for peaceful, democratic and full European integration and a democratic and modern Serbia as part of Europe.

Since 1993, the European Movement in Serbia is a full member of the International European Movement (www.europeanmovement.org), an international non-governmental organization with a great tradition and significant influence on political actors in European countries.

EMinS has more than 400 individual members and 12 collective members in a network of 14 local councils. The member network has been growing every year.

Today, EMinS is a leader in terms of its project management and technical capacities, and research and development expertise. The organization is also an implementing partner with a great reputation in development programs. Its member network has been expending, gathering all pro-European individuals and organizations who devote their time and energy to the benefit of Serbia’s accession to the European family of peoples.