About EMins

European Movement in Serbia, as one of the oldest civil society organizations in Serbia, has been working for 22 years on building modern, democratic and developed Serbia that seeks full-fledged membership in the European Union. Besides implementing projects in various fields, EMinS fulfills its mission through the EMinS Network which includes 15 European Movements in Serbia, as well as through partnerships and cooperation with other civil society organizations, institutions and individuals in Serbia, region and Europe.

EMinS is honored and proud of its wide, numerous and diversiful membership. Membership in the EMinS is collective and individual.

EMinS members are citizens of the Republic of Serbia, distinguished and prominent individuals, academic community members, media representatives and other interested citizens who support Serbia’s accession to the European Union and further European integration.

EMinS Members have the opportunity to:

Access all the information about the European Union and Serbia’s integration process through the research that EMinS conducts and the projects it implements;

Become part of a large domestic and international network;

Participate in activities of the EMinS bodies.

Every person over the age of 18 who is in favour of the mission and accepts the goals and the Statute of the EMinS can become a member.

The call for members is always open and the following is required:

Fill out the application form and, along with two photographs (only one photograph needed for application via e-mail) and two recommendation letters by two individual EMinS members, send it to office@emins.org

If you are unable to provide the recommendation letters, send a motivation letter to office@emins.org with ‘I want to become an EMinS member’ in the subject line. Upon receipt of application, a short interview and signing of the membership declaration will be organised.

Signing the membership declaration implies acceptance of the EMinS Statute in its entirety.

The EMinS Main Board, which meets twice a year, adopts the final decision on admission and cancellation of membership.

Members have a right to:

Be supplied with a set of current EMinS publications free of charge (if they have paid the annual fee);

Be provided with regular and timely information about EMinS activities;

Attend EMinS events;

Elect and be elected at the EMinS Assembly to participate in the EMinS bodies (if they have paid the annual fee);

Possibly participate in projects.

Members are obliged to:

Be familiar with the mission, vision and main principles of EMinS activities;

Contribute to the promotion of EMinS activities, give advice and suggestions;

Pay the annual RSD500 fee (students are exempt from this obligation).