From Istanbul to Vienna, Belgrade Security Forum presents the most relevant event where key actors meet and discuss foreign affairs and security policy in Balkans and Europe. Initiated by civil society organizations, it considers different perspectives and opinions and contributes to resolution of most pressing issues.

Launched in 2011, the Belgrade Security Forum (BSF) has rapidly become one of the most vibrant regional initiatives in security dialogue. It aims to create a relevant policy venue that will contribute to the development of a security community in the Balkan region as well as providing a meaningful contribution to the ongoing European and global security discussion. The BSF intends to create a viable national network of stakeholders who will continue to engage in regular discussions and consultations on various security and foreign policy issues. The central event is an annual high-level conference held in Belgrade in fall each year.

Hosted by three partner civil society organizations – the Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence, the Belgrade Centre for Security Policy and the European Movement in Serbia – the Forum provides a place where Balkan policy- and opinion-makers, as well as members of the academic community and civil society, meet with their counterparts from other parts of the world in order to exchange views on pressing security issues of the day.

BSF core values and mission:

  • Europe as a community of values, with a stronger foreign and security policy
  • The Balkans (South East Europe) as an actor and subject of global debates
  • Nurturing the greater and mutual instead of particular interests
  • Democratization of “high politics” by insisting on a culture of an inclusive dialogue
  • Debates that are topical and insightful
  • Autonomous, made by three civil society organizations

Strategic goals of the BSF 2016-2020

  1. Point of reference and “the place to be” in order to discuss key developments in the Balkans
  2. BSF advances the debate on the issues Europe faces and informs the region accordingly
  3. Belgrade Security Forum calls for Balkans’ contribution to resolving some of the key issues Europe faces, including, for instance, how to strengthen Europe’s global “actorness”
  4. Strengthening the BSF community


Belgrade Security Forum 2018: Finding Answers Together to the New Normal, to take place from October 17-19 2018, Hotel Hyatt Regency, Belgrade

Continuing uncertainty and unpredictability is no longer a form of crisis; unpredictability has become “new normal” in international relations. Actors no longer feel committed to the rules and institutions of the post-Cold War period. This new balance can be observed in the phenomena and effects of first artificial intelligences as well as acceleration and greater automation of labor and the global economy overall. Powerful, growing economies of the Middle and the Far East mark the 21st Century as the ascending “Asian Century.”

In this new world, Europe and transatlantic relations are confronted with increasing pressure of populism that, along with nationalism, strikes at the foundations of the European project and relations formed after the fall of the Berlin Wall. In this new order, institutions must be re-designed in order to better understand and overcome challenges that threaten to collapse them.

The Balkans is at a turning point in 2018 – the new EU Enlargement Strategy has created a sense of urgency among regional leaders, primarily reflected in need to find solutions for old disputes. This year, from October 17 to 19, the Belgrade Security Forum will deal with the question – where are we in this state of “new normal”? Where do we go? How do we make progress for everyone in an unpredictable future?

This year’s Forum will traditionally start with the Academic Event, titled “How conflict sensitive is the EU crisis response”, which will gather young researchers. During these three days, this international conference will host several hundred speakers and participants from over 30 countries.

The Belgrade Security Forum is the only event of this kind – a result of an initiative started by civil society, namely the Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence, the European Movement in Serbia and the Belgrade Center for Security Policy. Started in 2011, the Belgrade Security Forum is still the most prestigious event on security and foreign policy in Southeastern Europe.

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