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Participant of the Share Your Knowledge will have an opportunity to visit the Women’s Center of Užice working on empowering women and promoting women’s creativity while simultaneously efficiently solving the problem of textile waste in an innovative and eco-friendly fashion. The founders and movers of this social association dealing with recycling textile waste will share their know-how with our participants.

The economic empowerment of women is important and contributes to solving problems of unemployment , regional development and the development of the countryside; it affects higher levels of social inclusion of women (while simultaneously helping reduce family violence); it creates conditions for the advancement in fields of social entrepreneurship and changes ways of contemplating gender equality. The field of the environment offers ground for innovation, for possibilities in opening new jobs, contributes to economic growth and can be one of the drives of development. It is thus necessary to promote the participation of women in all areas of protecting the environment and support their work in a green economy and social entrepreneurship.

The goal of the study visit is to directly get participants familiar with the functioning of a social association and to have a conversation on the experiences in realizing entrepreneurial efforts with a special look back to personal challenges and the motivation for starting such a business.

As part of the study visit our mentors and their mentees will visit the Potpećka cave.