Culture Forum was founded in 2003 as a part of the program body of EMinS and by an assumption that the culture is more than fun and entertainment of an individual, and that under the cultural policy the whole spectrum potential pro-European activities of EMinS can be seen, ranging from the improvement of image of the EU in Serbia, to the implementation of European ideas to the youngest age groups.

Culture Forum was reactivated in June 2013, on the initiative of the European Movement in Serbia, under whose support it operates. The idea of the establishment of the Forum is motivated by accumulated problems in the culture area in Serbia, for which, as it seems, there is no appropriate systematic solution and not enough political will.

Culture in Serbia still operates under the principles of feudal-clientelistic approach, with extremely weak institutions, without an adequate legal framework and under the constant threat of the survival non-existent market. In such circumstances, the idea of the Forum for Culture is to recognize problems, to articulate them and to try to offer a model for overcoming them through an active dialogue with stakeholders and representatives of the cultural scene of the country and its institutions, as well as to participate in the creation of certain programming guidelines for possible development of Serbian culture through projects in different areas of culture, which are not recognized and properly supported in the official institutional system of Serbian culture.

Culture Forum gathers established professionals from different areas of culture (artists, theorists, professors, etc.) who are interested to use their knowledge and experience gained in state and independent cultural institutions and local and international art practice, in order to find better and more efficient model for survival and development of Serbian culture.

Culture Forum president is Ms. Amra Latifić, and membership includes:

  • Aleksandar Simić, potpredsednik Foruma
  • Milena Dragićević Šešić
  • Milena Bogavac
  • Ljiljana Nikolić
  • Milena Stefanović
  • Ksenija Stevanović
  • Stevan Filipović
  • Miloš Tomić
  • Ljubica Beljanski Ristić
  • Ivan Medenica
  • Borka Pavićević
  • Jelena Knežević
  • Jelena Erdeljan
  • Vesna Bogunović
  • Anđelka Janković
  • Borka Božović
  • Gojko Božović
  • Katarina Lazić
  • Vida Ognjenović
  • Prof. Aleksandar Ilić
  • Prof. dr Mileta Prodanović
  • Prof. dr Nikola Šuica
  • Prof. dr Gordana Nikić
  • Doc. dr Danica Čigoja Piper
  • Muharem Bazdulj