Youth Forum is a program body of  European Movement in Serbia, founded in 2014 on the initiative of Generation 21, collective member of EMinS. Youth Forum aims to strengthen youth activism, participation of youth in decision making process and promote European values and tradition, in scope of EU accession process of Republic of Serbia.

Our Vision…

We rely on the EMinS’ decades-long experience of working with youth and continuously strive to encourage young people’s participation and build advocacy capacities regarding issues important to them. Main goal of various activities we implement is improve the position of youth, promote mobility and strengthen youth participation.


Đorđo Cvijović


Our Steps…

Youth Forum nurtures peer to peer approach and works on bringing EU policies closer to young people through informal education. Besides that, we try to put the light on possibilities of youth’s impact on EU accession process of Republic of Serbia, as well as inform young people on current topics regarding their present/future by using interesting content. We motivate young people to take initiative, network and strengthen cooperation and mobility on local, national and international level. Moreover, we try to point out to decision-makers on needs of young people and problems they are most often facing. We consider affirmation of youth on the local level to be very important, and contribute primarily by raising the level and quality of information about EU and EU accession process and possibilities it offers to youngsters.

Most important activities that Youth Forum implements include:

You can read more about ”EnlargEUrope” project we are implementing right now HERE.



Membership of Youth Forum is open for youth between ages of 15-30, with diverse educational, social, professional and economic backgrounds. In its work it firmly respects and promotes principles of gender equality, as well as inclusion and empowerment of young people with special needs.

If you are interested in becoming our member, please send your CV and motivation letter to forumladih(at)!

Activities and Projects

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