European Movement in Serbia and Albanian Institute for International Studies established in 2015 the joint Centre for Albania-Serbia relations which have given a considerable boost to bilateral relations. The mirroring public pools in two countries, as well as Durres Forum and Belgrade Conference Serbia and Albania – Towards European Future in 2016, had shown that media were principal actors in shaping perceptions.
The objective of the project is to contribute to development of Serbian-Albanian relations and co-operation in diverse areas and also to identify ideological, political, historical and cultural messages that prevent advancing co-operation and stability.
This research which will be implemented within the project will analyze the media picture of Albania and Albanians as presented in Serbian newspapers.
The expected result of the project is detailed analysis of mutual perceptions and mains strengths and weaknesses of media coverage of two countries and their bilateral relations.
This project will help building a think tank proposal how to proceed in building better mutual relations based on increased knowledge and understanding.
  • media monitoring,
  • analysis of media content,
  • report writing.
In the phase of media monitoring the focus will be on collecting and analysing four most prominent Serbian newspapers: Politika, Blic, Danas and Informer, covering the period from January to September 2017. Data will be collected through Ebart media database where researchers will be able to search an entire content of these newspapers in the specified period. The analysis will contain both quantitative and qualitative dimension and will identify both explicit and implicit media messages in the selected newspaper articles. The subject of analysis will be term Albania, as well as Albanians in relation to Albania (distinguished from Albanians in relation to Kosovo Albanians) and its contextual relations. All results will be classified, listed and table number of articles, their length, their position in the newspapers (front page, particular rubric etc).
Target groups: media actors – reporters, editors, media and cultural organizations, as well as policy makers and wider public in Serbia and Albania.
Project is supported by Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe – Mission to Serbia.
Duration: September – December 2017.