The initial meeting of project partners within the new project United by Diversity was held at premises of the European Movement in Serbia on February 11, 2020. It was an opportunity to get to know each other better and discuss  future activities, timeline and strategic and action plan of the future United by Diversity Network UDN. This project is led by the European Movement in Serbia and partners include European Movement in Serbia – Leskovac, Center for Local Democracy from Subotica, Forum of Civil Action (FORCA) from Požega, and Timok Club from Knjaževac.

The partners have worked together on developing the strategic and action plan of the network of organizations that work with youth and establishment of which was planned for March this year. The Network will gather all organizations that want to systematically tackle topics of interculturalism and cultural diversity in the work with young people. The criteria for joining this network will be subsequently announced and after the first phase, the network will be open for all organizations interested in working with young people on the subjects mentioned above. The network with also make it possible for these organizations to have bigger influence and stronger voice among decision makers when it comes to taking measures in reducing the social distance among the peers that belong to different cultures.

One of the first tasks will be strengthening capacities of the network members and developing a methodology for intercultural high school exchanges and classes. Vision of the UDN is a society open to different cultures, in the context of European integration of Serbia. That is why the biggest focus in its work will be on European concept of cultural diversity, embodied in the European Union’s motto United in Diversity.

The project is co-financed by Civil Society Facility Programme 2018 of the European Union.