The final event of the project "Improving the economic empowerment of women", held on Thursday, December 10, through the ZOOM platform. Together with the participants of the program, gathered experts, Sonja Dakić, entrepreneur and business [...]

Elections for the European Parliament: Estimates, Results and Analysis

Eurobarometer survey of 27.600 voters across Europe shows that 44 percent think that the EU is headed in the wrong direction, against 32 who say it is headed the right way. That indicated a [...]

Social Public Procurement for Sustainable Development of Local Communities

Public procurement can be significant accelerator of sustainable local development. Public administration consumes a significant part of GDP through 13% to 20% of GDP (at the level of EU Member States), through purchases of [...]

Changing the Constitution on the Way to the European Union: Advocacy for Constitutional Changes

The Constitution of the Republic of Serbia, in force since 2006, was not only adopted contrary to the rules of democratic procedures, but is also replete with major technical, linguistic and legal deficiencies. These [...]

From Warsaw to Tirana: Overcoming the Past Together

Reconciliation and good neighbourly relations are among the key priorities of the Stabilisation and Association Process of the Western Balkans, on its way from the burden of past conflicts towards a peaceful European perspective. [...]

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Taking the EU benefits for granted, citizens of CEE countries lack solidarity and understanding of WB EU accession process. Likewise, citizens in WB are unaware of changes that EU integration brings. There is deficiency [...]

School of European Integration 2018

The Western Balkan region has for the first time in decades shown readiness and strategic determination towards a common goal – European integration and accession to the European Union, which also entails a transformation [...]


The REACT! project promotes the spirit of social inclusion and cooperation between youth in five Western Balkan states. The project will empower them to play an active role in the process of building trust, [...]

A Step Forward

Social enterprises in Serbia operate in an unregulated and unstimulating environment, thus actors have limited room for broader action. Civil society organisations often argue for policy innovation in this field and also often initiate [...]

Strengthening Cooperation Between Serbia and Albania – a View on the Media Content Today in Serbia and Ways of Shaping Positive and Informed Perceptions

European Movement in Serbia and Albanian Institute for International Studies established in 2015 the joint Centre for Albania-Serbia relations which have given a considerable boost to bilateral relations. The mirroring public pools in two [...]

Effects of SAP Instruments on WB6 European Integrations and Regional Cooperation

Europeanization of the Western Balkans (WB) is shadowed by multiple factors on both side - EU and WB states. EU internal challenges (economic crisis, migrant crisis, rising of euroscepticism, etc.) have omitted the Enlargement [...]

EU 2 Me

In spite of the strategic goal of Serbia to becoming a member of the EU, contrary to the reality that the EU is the most important trading partner of Serbia amounting to [...]

National Convention on the European Union

National Convention on the European Union (NCEU) is a permanent body within which the thematically structured debate on the accession of Serbia to EU is led among the representatives of the state administration, political [...]

Partnership for Good Governance

The EU accession process of Serbia implies ambitious and comprehensive public administration reform (PAR). Bearing in mind that since 2014 PAR is defined in the main strategic documents of the European Commission as one [...]

Berlin Process in Shadow of Brexit: Connecting CSO’s Monitoring Efforts

Regional cooperation and good neighbourly relations are a cornerstone of the EU integration process and the strategic goal of the Western Balkans countries (WB) is to integrate in the European Union. Therefore, the Berlin [...]