The first workshops on public policy creation, monitoring and evaluation were held of both modules within the School of European Integration. Our trainers, Aleksandar Bogdanovic and Dina Rakin from European Movement in Serbia, worked with SEI participants on developing a public policy proposals and monitoring and evaluation plans during training, which was organized from 28-30 September 2018.

SEI participants identified key problems in the communities, and afterwards jointly developed project proposals as well as various tools and instruments, which they can, as a civil society, use for putting a certain issue on the decision makers’ agenda. In the second part, they worked together on instruments and tools for public policies evaluation and monitoring which SEI participants can use in their further work.

The second part of the workshop was focused on interactive discussions and a lectures held by practitioners and experts from the civil society. Within the rule of law module, SEI participants from northern Kosovo had the opportunity to hear about experience of Sanja Sovrić, Crno-beli svet platform Editor and Miodrag Milićević, Executive Director of NGO Aktiv on the watchdog activities of civil society in Kosovo.

They also had very interesting discussions and exchange of experience with Tatjana Lazarevic, the Editor of the KosSev portal and Belul Beqaj, analyst and professor of political science who spoke about monitoring, analysis and reporting on the Brussels Agreement implementation. SEI participants in Gračanica within the sustainable development module discussed with Emilija Milenković, from the European Movement on sustainable development basics concepts, and with Aleksandar Ćorac, professor at the Faculty of Medicine on the problem of environmental protection in Kosovo.

The Kosovo Foundation for Open Society, in cooperation with the European Movement in Serbia and the NGO AKTIV , started the School of European Integration in 2014 key stakeholders in north Kosovo*. In 2018, Communication for Social Development from Gračanica joined the project team which will contribute to the expansion of the School achieving better results in other local communities. Find more info on the project here.

Škola evropske integracije 2018