On Saturday, August 31, 2019, at the Culture Center “Parobrod”, the Third Workshop entitled “Her Word Means!” Was held. The workshop on public speaking was held by the great Andrea Brbaklić, one of the founders of the Share Your Knowledge Program and a mentor on the Program, as well as the founder and director of From Consulting.

The workshop consisted of two parts. During the first part, our mentors had the opportunity to acquire the theoretical knowledge needed for a good public appearance, and through interactive exercises, they learned about all the elements that are important for public speaking. The second part of the workshop was practical, and it served as a training for mentors to apply the acquired knowledge of public speaking. Their job was to answer two questions in front of the camera, and then watch the interviews together and see where they were going.

The Workshop “Her Words Means” was intended to assist mentors in future work and contribute to building their public image. The image of ambitious and successful women boldly stepping into public space is the image we convey from this workshop with a message to all women that their word means!