In the scope of the third workshop titled “Now I’m Talking” mentors and mentees of the “Share Your Knowledge” program learned about communications, online presence and public appearance. The workshop was organized on Saturday, September 29, 2018, at In Center and was led by Andrea Brbaklić, founder and director of Froma Consulting and one of the founders of the Program.

The first part of the workshop was dedicated to the basic concepts, elements and types of communication. Participants had the opportunity to gain knowledge about how to communicate messages they want and how to argue in a reasoned manner.

In the second part of the workshop, Brbaklić led the participants through various aspects that are important for the presentation and performance to be effective.

Mentees and mentors tried to make a statement before the camera, then talked about the good and bad aspects of their performance and exchanged tips on how to improve their skills.

The program for this generation is nearing its end, and will be officially closed with a Mentor Walk in November. In the meantime, on October 1, a new call for a new generation will be opened.