Public procurement can be significant accelerator of sustainable local development. Public administration consumes a significant part of GDP through 13% to 20% of GDP (at the level of EU Member States), through purchases of goods and services on annual basis (in Serbia about 8%). Aside from satisfying administration needs, this value of public procurement gives the public administration the power to shape the market and direct public funds to achieve development, environmental, social or any other goals. By including social aspect in public procurement, apart from economic development, local public administration can contribute to solving numerous social problems and contribute to sustainable development of local communities, thus overall society. The project will seek possibilities to widespread currently insufficient usage of this procurement type in the context of upcoming changes of legal framework.

Overall objective of the project is to contribute to sustainable local development by introducing a model of social public procurement procedure.

Specific objectives are:

  • To raise capacities of local administration and local profit and not for profit organizations for social public procurement;
  • To offer a model for design and implementation of social public procurement;
  • To advocate for socially responsible model of public procurement that provides sustainable development of society in line with EU strategic and policy framework;
  • To raise awareness of general public on importance of buying socially responsible services and goods.


A EMinS and Transparency Serbia experts will conduct a survey on the capacities of local users to participate in social public procurement and develop a model for the implementation of this type of procurement. The next step is development of manuals and training of key actors. After the training, social public procurements will be implemented in the selected municipality in Serbia in accordance with the model developed. Parallel to this, the advocacy activities for wider outreach of the policy proposals will be conducted. During the duration of the project, an online campaign is planned on the territory of Serbia.

Duration: 1 November 2018 –  July 2019.

This project is financially supported by The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade through the Balkan Trust for Democracy, a project of the German Marshall Fund of the United States.

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