European Movement in Serbia was established in 1992 with a mission of advocating peaceful, democratic nad full European integration of modern Serbia.

We are a project-funded and membership-based organisation that continues to expand and bring together pro-European individuals and organisations dedicated to European values.


>> Policy research, advocacy, campaigns and public events, aimed at initiating, promoting and representing the European integration process and importance of quality political, economic and social reforms in Serbia and spreading democratic principles and values.

>> Education & trainings, mentoring and international exchanges for different target groups.

>> Capacity building for public and local institutions, CSOs and media.

>> Initiating and engaging in national, regional and international networks.


Our projects and activities support the building of capacities for European integration of the society as a whole.

   + Public officials and servants
   + Independent and regulatory bodies
   + National bodies and local self-governments
   + Civil society organizations    + Media
   + SMEs and social entrepreneurs
   + Youth and students
   + Women
   + Farmers

Jean Monnet

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Open Call for Participant of International Summer School on Reconciliation in the Balkans

By | May 13th, 2019|Categories: EMinS News|Tags: , , |

The Jean Monnet Network Consortium led by the New York University of Tirana, together with the Institute of East Central and Balkan Europe (IECOB), the University of Dubrovnik, the Sarajevo School of Science and Technology and the European Movement of Serbia is pleased to announce an exciting and timely Summer School program, under the title “Engagement [...]

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Democratization and Reconciliation in the Western Balkans

By | August 15th, 2018|Categories: Active projects|Tags: , |

  The EU’s enlargement toward the east was conceived, among other reasons, on the basis that it would promote the consolidation of democracy in candidate countries. The success of the eastern enlargement gave further backing to the expansion of the EU toward the Western Balkans. Yet unlike their Central European counterparts, the Western Balkans had [...]

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