The European Movement in Serbia and the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade have established cooperation to promote the values ​​of equality, solidarity, tolerance and contribution to the development of art and culture in Serbia through civil society activities.

Cooperation covers all forms and processes of networking and action in areas of common interest, with particular emphasis on sharing information, organizing joint educational and promotional activities, initiating and implementing projects of common interest.

As a result of this “Share Your Knowledge” initiative, a twelve-month podcast series on alumni and contributors to the Program has been in the pipeline for 10 years creating and nurturing a network of successful and solid women who inspire their professional and personal successes in the fight for the better position of women in our society.


Share Your Knowledge podcast series “We Show – We Grow” will be broadcast monthly throughout 2020, with the goal of sharing knowledge and experience, examples of alumni success stories on the Program with the wider community. The series consists of 24 episodes that will be shot in the authentic space of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts by a great team of young and successful associates for sound design, video recording and production from the Faculty.

Share Your Knowledge podcast series “We show – We grow” will be broadcast via the official Youtube channel of the European Movement in Serbia, and will be shared on social networks and official websites of partner organizations.

The first promo podcast of the We Show – We Grow series will be aired in late November 2019.


The Share Your Knowledge program is a unique program that opens up opportunities for women’s personal and professional development. It is based on the concept of mentoring, and is aimed precisely at building mutual support for women, through sharing knowledge, experiences, strengthening solidarity, promoting good role models, networking and empowering women.

The program has been implemented in partnership with the US Embassy, ​​Erste Bank, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and the European Movement in Serbia since 2010.