At the end of September, a study visit was organized to Sombor’s  tailors , a social enterprise that helps the economic integration of women and children victims of domestic violence.

Sombor’s tailors were created during the state of emergency at the beginning of 2020. Then they sewed insufficient protective masks and distributed them to vulnerable citizens. They help victims of violence through direct employment in the production of various textile products. In a short period of time, they went on the business route of making masks and designing and making formal dresses. The social enterprise of tailors from Sombor employs 5 women victims of domestic violence to make sheets and cotton protective masks.

This time, our choice was seamstresses from Sombor because we wanted to present to the mentors an example of the successful inclusion of women victims of violence in the production process and the great progress they achieved in a short time in the challenging circumstances of the pandemic and the increase in the number of victims of domestic violence.

The study visit was organized as part of the “Share your knowledge” program, which is being implemented for the twelfth year in a row by the Embassy of the United States of America in Belgrade, the Organization for European Security and Cooperation, and the European Movement in Serbia.