Activity “Don’t throw away, donate!” organized by the Youth Forum of the European Movement in Serbia ended today, November 29th, 2022. This initiative is part of the Week of the European Movement in Serbia and European Integration, which is celebrated from November 28th until December 22nd with different activities.

The books collected during November were donated to the Children’s Shelter in Belgrade, in Krfska 7A. This action represents a symbolic contribution for young people who live in conditions of general poverty and risk of social exclusion, and we consider it significant not only as a form of support, but also as a form of raising awareness and spreading information about the real problems faced by a significant number of children and young people.

Every Saturday in November, members of the Youth Forum collected donations from their fellow citizens in the form of textbooks, reading materials, children’s and adolescent novels. The outcome of the action is more than 400 books for children and young people of different ages, which will certainly mean a lot to them as a contribution to reducing social differences and improving their general position. Our vision was to equalize the educational conditions of all young people.

Also, one of the main ideas of the activity included avoiding the compassionate approach that prevails in relation to groups with fewer social opportunities.

During the donation itself, we had the opportunity to hear from the representative of the Center for Youth Integration, Jelena Mitić Pantić, of what the children and young people in this institution need the most, and she invited felloe citizens to donate clothes, toys, hygiene products and sweets.