After the workshop on managing personal and business finances, additional individual and group sessions were held with Karolina Herbut and Biljana Lazarević, for all interested participants of the “Share your knowledge” program. In the period after the workshop, the mentees had the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in this area and receive answers to questions and doubts that arose during the workshop. The sessions helped the participants to develop an income and expenditure plan, an inflow and outflow plan, form the prices of their products, and they also received practical information such as how to apply for support funds from the National Employment Service.

The workshops are part of the activities of the “Share your knowledge” program, which is being carried out for the 13th year in a row by the European Movement in Serbia, the OSCE Mission in Serbia and the Embassy of the United States of America. According to the new methodology of the Program, from this year’s cycle, in addition to workshops, mentors are also available for additional sessions with workshop participants in the period after the workshop.