During the election assembly held on Friday, May 17, at the House of Human Rights in Belgrade, Radomir Diklić was unanimously chosen as the new president of the European Movement in Serbia (EMinS), succeeding the previous president, Dr. Jelica Minić, who served two successful mandates in accordance with the Statute.

Radomir Diklić boasts an exceptional background, being one of the founders and current director of the Beta agency. He has also served in diplomatic roles for the Republic of Serbia in France and Belgium, and holds the distinguished Order of Grand Officer of National Merits, bestowed upon him by the President of France. Diklić is a graduate of the Faculty of Law at the University of Belgrade.

Following his election, Diklić remarked, “As a journalist, I’ve observed various presidents, from those leading beekeeping associations to heads of state. I never imagined I would ascend to the presidency of the European Movement in Serbia.”

Diklić emphasized his commitment to promoting European ideals in Serbia, aiming to expand awareness of Serbia’s integration with Europe. He stated, “It’s imperative for the notion of Serbia’s place in Europe to solidify, and for the majority of our citizens to embrace it. While it may seem utopian now, it’s the visionaries who propel progress forward. I believe this is achievable despite the rise of retrograde anti-European sentiments.”

The European Movement in Serbia extends its profound gratitude to Dr. Jelica Minić for her outstanding leadership over the past years, as well as for her unwavering dedication and effort. The organization wishes President Radomir Diklić much success in his future endeavors with EMinS.