On Europe Day, May 9th, the European Movement in Serbia presented the “Contribution of the Year to Europe” award to Branka Anđelković, co-founder and program director of the Center for Public Policy Research.

President of the European Movement in Serbia, Jelica Minić, presented the plaque to Branka Anđelković, saying that she will be remembered for her many years of fighting and dedicated work on the topics of social inclusion and research on the impact of technology on our society, and on how decision-makers, workers, academic institutions and civil society responds to the challenges brought by new technologies.

“We are especially grateful for her latest contribution within the Serbia Innova project, in mapping Serbia’s innovation capacities in the areas of smart mobility, electronics, new generation optics and gaming and virtual reality. “This sounds like a leap into cosmos, but it is happening with us, around us and right at our fingertips. It brings us closer to Europe and the world in the best way,” Minić said and concluded that we must create a stimulating environment that has the ability to bring good policies.

Thanking for the recognition, Anđelković said that she is very sorry that this award comes at a time when essential European values ​​such as solidarity, equality and peace have been violated. However, the good side is that difficult times have opened up space for further technological advancement, as well as for ventures that can improve the quality of life for all citizens.

“Technology has entered every pore of our lives. Through projects like this, we want to create a better society that can be just and equal in all life circumstances. Smart specialization is a European construct within which we are moving. We saw Serbia not as an entity that lives in itself, but as a wider story. A story that can be competitive on the European and global level, in order to create a new Serbia that is innovative and constructive”, said Anđelković and added that she sincerely hopes that all citizens will have the opportunity to feel the benefits of this project in these unpredictable times.

The award for “Contribution of the Year to Europe” was established by the European Movement in Serbia and the International European Movement, and is awarded every year for a speech, book, concrete action or attitude of an individual, organization or group of citizens who have significantly contributed to the process of European integration and the promotion of European ideas and values in our country.