The European Movement in Serbia, with the support of the US Embassy in Belgrade, organizes a seven-day youth education program for civic activism BOLD Summer Hub – “Youth is (FOR) the solution” in Serbia (place/city to be determined later) from July 15 to 21 in 2024.

The European movement in Serbia, with many years of experience in working with young people on the topic of European values and the importance of the European integration of Serbia and other countries of the Western Balkans, advocates a special focus of civil society on empowering young people as leaders of change. However, young people face numerous challenges in trying to change things, aware of this – we decided to ask young people through Mapping the needs for support in the implementation of activist initiatives – what kind of support is needed, in what way, and for what purpose. Young, ambitious, and socially curious people helped us to carefully create an interactive seven-day program aimed at acquiring knowledge and skills for the independent development of activist ideas shaped into projects – and to help young people from ideas to realization, by enabling them to come and to support for the realization of their ideas.

The European Movement in Serbia held a “Winter Hub” workshop in Novi Pazar from March 11 to 17. The Winter Hub participants learned and gained knowledge about project creation during the week. Together with experts, they learned how to shape their project idea, how to write a project, and who their potential donors are. In addition, they acquired basic skills in communications, fundraising, and the use of innovative methods for writing projects. The cultural attache of the United States Embassy and the creator of the BOLD program, Holly Zardus, greeted the participants. The lecturers at the project were Zorana Milovanović, project manager of the European Movement in Serbia, Dragana Đurica, general secretary of the European Movement in Serbia, director of the Youth Initiative for Human Rights and activist Sofija Todorović, founder of the Association for Sustainable Development “Nitna” and co-founder of the Festival of Different Fashion Nataša Niškanović. During the project, youth coordinators Nenad Bušić, president of the Youth Forum of the European Movement in Serbia and Katarina Bogićević, vice president of the Youth Forum of the European Movement in Serbia, were with the youth, who led the program.

You can watch the video from the Winter Hub workshop here:

The program offers interactive lectures, workshops, practical independent work and work in groups, pitching ideas and giving feedback, as well as socializing, connecting and exchanging ideas among young people and professional trainers and experts.

If you have an idea on how to contribute to solving some of the problems in your local community related to the topics of human rights, employment and labor rights, environmental protection, circular economy, social entrepreneurship, education, media, etc., apply to become part of the team of 40 young people who will gain knowledge about developing project ideas, writing project proposals, the most important segments of project implementation, budgeting, developing and marketing campaigns, but also about EU values and practices and examples of activism in various areas of social action.

After the end of the seven-day education program, the young participants will have the opportunity to turn their ideas into finished project products through mentoring with experts, for which they can advocate for support from various donors. Finally, the youth’s work within the program will be published during the fall of 2024 in the publication “Youth is (FOR) the solution” to promote the youth perspective on solving problems and challenges in local communities – the voice of the youth must be heard!



➢AIM OF THE PROGRAM: Supporting young people in acquiring knowledge and skills for independent activist development ideas shaped into projects.

➢PROGRAM TARGET GROUP: The program is intended for young people aged 18 to 30, in the area of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Serbia, and who have an idea of how to contribute to solving the challenges in

local communities.

➢PROGRAM CONTENT: Interactive lectures, workshops, independent and group work and mentoring support in 5 segments: EU values and practices, Activism (human rights, media, democracy, rule of law, employment, social work, social entrepreneurship, ecology, etc.), Project management, Communication and campaigns, Budgeting, and fundraising.

➢WORK AFTER THE PROGRAM: Mentoring work with experts will be provided to all participants until 31. August 2024. The format and dynamics of the mentoring work will be agreed upon with the selected participants after the seven-day program.


  • Acquire practical knowledge and skills in activism;
  • They are informed about current activist topics;
  • Encourage the development of leadership skills and leadership spirit;
  • Networks with young people in the region;
  • They turn their activist idea into a project idea

➢COSTS ARE PROVIDED ON THE PROGRAM: accommodation, meals and refreshments, transportation (*participants will provide transportation independently, and the European Movement in Serbia will reimburse travel expenses via an electronic invoice upon completion of the Program).


  • FIRST ROUND: The first round of selection takes place until June 3, 2024.
  • SECOND ROUND: The second round of selection takes place by June 27, 2024, at the latest, and includes online interviews with the candidates selected in the first round;
  • FINAL SELECTION: The final selection will be announced no later than June 29, 2024.

*The basic criteria for selection are motivation (think about what you essentially want to use participation in the program for – how specifically the Program can contribute to your development in the field of activism) and an activist idea (make sure that the description of your activist idea already contains enough information about the problem you want to solve through activism, as well as how you envision making a change towards it).

*Everyone who applies to the Summer Hub “Youth are (FOR) the solution” will be informed about the results at all stages of the selection.


➢You need to fill out your application by MAY 31, 2024 using the form on the link.

➢You need to register your account on BOLD (Balkan Youth Leaders) by MAY 31, 2024, at the link.

➢Of course you recommend the program to young fighters for a better society, to whom you wish all the best.-

The European movement in Serbia, with the project “Youth are (FOR) the solution”, seeks to encourage youth activism in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro, strengthening their capacity to engage in solving challenges in local communities, while promoting democratic and European values. The project is part of a wider regional platform for young BOLD (Balkan Youth Leaders) supported by the US Embassy in Serbia offering them a program of workshops and training in Serbia, a program of academic and professional changes in the US, and small grant funds for projects that will achieve a positive and sustainable life. The focus of the BOLD program is the empowerment of young people in Serbia to become economic and civil society leaders who cooperate to deal with the most important challenges, with regional connection and cooperation. You can find more about the project “Youth is (FOR) the solution” here.

The project was financed through a grant from the Embassy of the United States of America in Serbia.