Belgrade, 2010
European Movement in Serbia
The text selection in this publication was based on simple criteria: what is the main thing we should know about climate change, in a way that includes political, economic, and developmental and many other aspects of this multidimensional and interdisciplinary subject. Therefore, the summaries of two, so far the most influential documents on the international community’s approach to climate change were included in the publication: Stern’s review and Fourth Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The analyses of the EU climate policies, the impact that climate change has on the international security and the scope of the climate summit in Copenhagen, were all included in the publication. Two studies from Serbia are also presented, which appeal on the deeper and more complete approach on the subject: “Serbia facing the challenges of global climate changes and their consequences” by Aleksandar Kovacevic and “The place and role of Serbia in the processes of climate changes” by Milan Nikolic.