The final event of the project “Improving the economic empowerment of women“, held on Thursday, December 10, through the ZOOM platform. Together with the participants of the program, gathered experts, Sonja Dakić, entrepreneur and business mentor, Karolina Herbut, financial advisor, Milica Čalija, entrepreneur and business mentor, Marija Srdić, founder and owner of SMART Mission consultants Danijela Matijević, who in previous weeks they shared their knowledge with us. In addition to summarizing the impressions and reviews of the activities that the participants started during the work on the program, each of the experts finally gave guidelines for further work.

Sonja Dakić spoke about the techniques of setting goals and priorities, as well as plans for the future, and invited all participants to continue to be brave visionaries. Karolina Herbut rounded off the story of achieving financial goals, with a review of what the participants have achieved so far in this field. Milica Čalija started a discussion about what makes a real entrepreneur, and Marija Srdić about challenges and overcoming obstacles. In the end, Danijela Matijević rounded off the discussion with advice for achieving better dynamics within the team. The conclusions are that, no matter how challenging, we must put our ideas into function, without fear of what 2021 could bring.

During the project “Improving the economic empowerment of women”, 5 trainings, 5 Q&A information sessions were held and all 22 participants went through a mentoring program. Within the trainings, the experts shared knowledge from the areas they govern, such as creating a business plan, achieving financial goals, then knowledge about the process of creating and developing a brand and the basics of marketing, as well as team management and development. The goal of the project is the professional and personal empowerment of women in society through the sharing of knowledge and experience. Gender inequality is particularly pronounced in terms of the unequal position of women and men in the economy and the labor market, and with the emergence of the pandemic, these inequalities have deepened even more. This program, in addition, arose from the need to open a discussion on the economic empowerment of women, especially in the newly created circumstances imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Improving the economic empowerment of women”, realized the European Movement in Serbia, with the cooperation and support of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe – OSCE Mission to Serbia. This project is an upgrade of the project “Share your knowledge” and is aimed at educational and mentoring support to alumni entrepreneurs of this program.