On Saturday, February 29, we gathered at the premises of Erste Sirius, with a new generation of participants in the “Share Your Knowledge” program. In addition to getting to know each other, exchanging opinions, workshops led by entrepreneur, business mentor and NLP trainer, Sonja Dakić, and the initiator of the “delicious” business My Nest, Sanja Milosavljević, followed.

This is the first meeting of the tenth cycle of this program, which brought together mentors. The presentation was followed by a part dedicated to working in pairs, where, 1 on 1, following the guidelines presented in the new Mentoring Guide, as well as their experience, the program participants set goals that they want to achieve through cooperation.

This was followed by workshops, which were selected in accordance with the needs of the participants, as well as in relation to the fields for which they expressed interest or lack of knowledge. Thus, the first concerned the creation of a business plan, with the help of which they took the initial steps. We learned a lot from Sonja Dakić about the importance of knowing the target group, values, resources and finances. Ideas move us, but action is an indispensable part. That is why Sonja gave us advice on how to break down her idea into parts and set goals in relation to them. On the spot, the participants had the opportunity to think, concretize and share their ideas with others, to get advice, which proved to be very useful.

In the second part, we talked with the great Sanja Milosavljević about leadership business skills. We talked about the importance of innovation, good communication with the team, then the importance of networking and mutual support. One of the topics we recognized as important was what skills are what make a great leader, as well as what her driving force is. The lively discussion was especially opened by the question of how to position yourself as a leader in some, not so grateful situations.

In entrepreneurship, “and what’s next” will always apply, so it is necessary to have a vision, well-planned steps towards the goal and be open to innovations. If we want to do what we love, the least we need to do is wait with folded arms. And just like Gordana Lazarevic, one of the mentors on this year’s program, says “create a job for yourself, don’t wait for him to find you”.