On 19th  September 2023., on the premises of the European Movement in Serbia, EMinS general secretary Dragana Đurica and the director of the CURE Foundation, Jadranka Miličević, signed a Memorandum on Cooperation.

The establishment of cooperation between civil society organizations in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina was the main result of the first phase of the project “Development of Conditions for the Regional Implementation of the Mentoring Program for women Share Your Knowledge – Bosnia and Herzegovina”, in the joint realization of the program Share Your Knowledge.

The synergistic implementation of the program “Share your knowledge” in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina enables the promotion of women’s solidarity and the beginning of building a network of women leaders at the regional level, within the Western Balkans. The goal of expanding the program to Bosnia and Herzegovina is to raise awareness of the non-existence of borders in the fight for gender equality and the improvement of the position of women in the socio-economic trends of our region, as well as the indispensable promotion of human rights and multiculturalism, based on a common commitment to women’s rights.

Project “Development of conditions for the regional implementation of the mentoring program for women Share Your Knowledge – Bosnia and Herzegovina” is implemented with the support of the Embassy of the United States of America in Serbia. The aim of the project is to regionalize the mentoring program for women “Share your knowledge” and build a regional women’s network.