On Europe Day, May 9, the European Movement in Serbia held a traditional drive in central Belgrade, during which members of the Movement’s Youth Forum distributed information and promotional materials and talked with the public about possibilities for inclusion and for contributing to positive changes in society.

The motto of this year’s observance of Europe Day was “Messages to Europe”, and it invited the people of Serbia to participate in the discussion about Europe and with Europe.

The president of the European Movement in Serbia, Mr. Mihailo Crnobrnja, said that Euro-skepticism was strong in Serbia and in Belgrade.

“Almost 40 percent of students are against EU membership. They believe Russia to be Serbia’s first and most important friend. They also believe that the EU is not fair to Serbia and that it constantly imposes new rules against Serbia. There is an impression that the EU is anti-Serb orientated, which is not true,” Crnobrnja said.

The general secretary of the Movement, Ms. Suzana Grubjesic, stressed that Europe relied on three pillars: democracy, the rule of law and human rights, and that, as soon as one of them is shaky, the entire structure begins shaking.

“Nowadays in Europe, the biggest problem is the rule of law, and that in former eastern European countries which have joined the EU, populism is the greatest threat to these European values. Solidarity, as a great European value, was put to a serious test during the migrant crisis. When we talk about European values, we must be realistic, but strive towards making Serbia a state of law, democracy, respect for human rights, and with free media,” Suzana Grubjesic stated.