We are pleased to inform you that the European Movement in Serbia, in cooperation with the International European Movement, is awarding the contribution of the Contribution of the Year to Europe for 2020.

Recognition is awarded for a speech, book, concrete action or attitude of an individual, organization or group of citizens who have significantly contributed to the process of European integration and the promotion of European ideas and values ​​in our country in the past year.

By rewarding deserving individuals and organizations, EMinS wants to encourage engagement in building a modern and democratic society in Serbia, as well as the promotion of European values ​​and reform processes that lead to Serbia’s full membership in the European Union.

The ceremony will be organized on Tuesday, February 9th, starting at 7 pm, in Dorcol Platz, Dobračina 59.

Also, at that ceremony, the European Movement in Serbia will be presented with the highest recognition awarded by the Council of Europe – the flag of the Council of Europe. The flag will be presented by Mr. Tobias Flesenkemper, Head of the Council of Europe Mission in Belgrade. The event will be attended by the Ambassador of Portugal, N.E. Maria Virginia Pina, the country that holds the presidency of the European Union since January 1st.

The event will be followed by a live stream on the Youtube account of the European Movement in Serbia, as well as on the Facebook page