We are pleased to invite you to participate in the conference: “Decarbonization process in the countries of the Visegrad group: Lessons learned from the V4 experience with coal phase-out”, which will be organized on Thursday, November 3 from 09:00 to 15:00 in the conference room of Hotel Room 88 (Takovska 49) in Belgrade.
Each member of the Visegrad group faced different challenges connected to the implementation of EU’s climate targets, and they are still at different levels of the transition process. As countries that joined the EU only in 2004, they are still considered as “new members” and as such, they share many similarities with Serbia as an EU candidate country that is still heavily dependent on fossil fuels.
The aim of the conference is presentation of the experience of the countries of the Visegrad group in creating policies and implementing measures for the decarbonization process, which can serve relevant public institutions and civil society organizations active in the area, for the development of good practice in Serbia. The conference will be divided into two parts: a working part in the form of a workshop for representatives of civil society organizations and a public discussion for all interested actors.
The objective of the workshop is presentation of the findings of previously conducted analyzes of policies and practices in the V4 countries in decarbonization to the CSO representatives, with recommendations for methods of cooperation and involvement of CSOs that can support the work of public institutions. The experience of the green transition of Central European countries will be the backbone for lessons that can serve CSOs in advocacy initiatives. The workshop also represents an opportunity to discuss issues and obstacles for more effective cooperation between different actors in the decarbonization process in Serbia.
The public discussion in the form of a round table aims to exchange information and insights after summarizing the results of previously conducted analyzes of the experience of the V4 countries. The roundtable will consist of two parts – firstly, a representative of the project consortium will summarize the findings of previously conducted analysis by experts from the V4 which would be followed up by a discussion with participants about both good practices and lessons learned which can be drawn from Visegrad for the decarbonization process in Serbia, parallels that the countries share and try to define areas in which Serbia can benefit from the V4 experience.
Please register your participation (name/surname/organization/phone) in the conference no later than Monday, October 31 by 3:00 pm by e-mail to office@emins.org.
Working languages: English/Serbian (translation included).
The conference “Experience of the countries of the Visegrad Group in the process of decarbonization – the possibility of applying good practice in the Republic of Serbia” is part of the project “Empowering Serbian CSOs
involved in the decarbonization process through the V4 experience”, which jointly implement the European movement in Serbia with partners, with the support of the International Visegrad fund.