Economy and Business Forum

 President of the Economy and Business Forum:

Radmila Milivojević
Deputy Chairman of Economy and Business Forum:
Secretary of the Economy and Business Forum:

Economy and Business Forum (EBF) is program and expert body of the European Movement in Serbia, established in November 2011.

Objective of Economy and Business Forum is to contribute to the establishment of sustainable economic development and accelerating the process of European integration of Serbia, influencing creation and implementation of economic policy and supporting the development of economic and business sectors and general environment.

Economy and Business Forum gathers well-established economists from academia and business, keeping in mind that both perspectives are necessary for understanding of the economic problems and indicating possible solutions

Strategic objective of EBF is actively contributing to economic development as a key prerequisite for the European integration process and full membership in the EU. Therefore, EBF indicates problems and proposes necessary measures in economic policy of Serbia, provides support to economic actors in order to improve the competitiveness of the economy and the business sector, monitors and seeks to introduce the latest trends from the world of business environment and points out the necessary forms of cooperation between the private and public sector

EBF covers four areas of activity:

  • Economic and institutional system
  • Macroeconomic policy
  • Competitiveness
  • Financial System

The main activities of the EBF:


  • Conducting research and other projects; publishing research papers and policy, in order to improve the areas in which the EBF acts;
  • Publishing analyzes and reports related to identified problems / gaps and measures that would lead to its resolution, but also improvement of the economic and other policies;
  • Pointing out the importance of the identified problems and solutions; providing relevant information and suggestions for economic policy makers, through advocacy activities of certain measures of economic policy;
  • Organizing public events, and the publication and promotion of the results of EBF in public;
  • Participation of EBF in various public events and conferences in the country and abroad, and their public appearances with the aim to present and affirm attitudes and performance EBF.