Eureopan Movement in Serbia (EMinS) and EMinS Forum for International Relations in cooperation with the Research Center of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association initiated the project with the aim of establishing a journal “European Papers”, which was published bimonthly and distribute regular and impartial information on the consequences of Serbia’s accession to the EU, the work of EU institutions and EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy.
The role of European Papres was two-fold:

  • Analiytical – every issue included the analysis of current topics and developments in the European Union and its foreign policy through the interviews with various representatives of the EU, international organizations, analysts and representatives of academia on current problems regarding the EU and foreign policy issue
  • Informative – every issue provided information about development in the European Union, new projects, interesting web sites, scholarships, publishers.

The main goal of the Project were:

Specific Goals:

  • provide up to date and objective information about Serbia-EU relations and foreign policy
  • increasing interest in the work of the European Union
  • promotion of European standards and ideas as a basis for further development in the relationship between the EU and Serbia
  • raise awareness about Serbia’s EU accession process

Long term goals:

  • building up analytical capacities in Serbia for further development and promotion of the idea of European integrations
  • increasing interest in information usage and research

All issues avaliable only on Serbian Language