Forum for International Relations of the European Movement in Serbia organized on the January 30, 2008. a public debate on the topic: “Is there an alternative to the European path of Serbia”.

Public debate was a professional exchange of opinions between members of the Forum for International Relations and representatives of civil society organizations and prominent experts.

At the debate public opinion research of the European Movement in Serbia was presented which was realised by, “Strategic Marketing”, which shows that 75% of citizens support Serbia’s entry into the European Union, while 81% have positive associations when you mention the European Union.

Research shows that 77% of citizens, participated in the pool is not sufficiently informed or not informed at all about the process of integration of Serbia into the European Union. But even 52% of respondents believe that it is important to be informed about the process.

Participants in the debate have clearly pointed to the dilemma that exists among citizens who are not satisfied with the speed of change and the relationship of the political elite to them.

The common conclusion of the two hours public debate was that Serbia has no alternative and that the best way for the future of Serbia, however, the European way.

Introductory presentation at the public debate were given by:

  • Svetlana Logar – Reserch Director of the Strategic Marketing
  • Mirko Tepavac – Member of the EMinS Forum for International Relations
  • Goran Svilanović – Chair of the First Working Table of the Stability Pact for SouthEast Europe
  • Sonja Licht – Director of the Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence
  • Ivan Vejvoda – Executive Director of the Balkan Fund for Democracy

Moderator: Ivo Visković – President of the EMinS Forum for International Relations