The process of Serbia’s accession to the EU is a complex and comprehensive one. Recognizing the importance and actuality of the topic, a series of panel discussions are to be organized throughout Serbia in order to launch a discussion on foreign policy relations between Serbia and the EU and as well about all related processes and activities, bearing in mind that Serbia’s EU membership is proclaimed as the first strategic foreign policy priority of the Republic of Serbia.

From the very beginning, the Forum has been bringing together the most prominent foreign policy analysts and specialists as the most valuable resource of this institution, unique in Serbia both by its membership, expertise and democracy in organization. The Forum meets every Wednesday under the Chatham House Rule, and together with guest keynote speaker comprehensively discusses current issues of foreign policy and international relations. The Forum aims to contribute to building realistic public outlook regarding today’s changing world, our place, interests and opportunities in it, as well as in formulating policies on these basis.


Eleventh debate was held in Kragujevac on July 12, 2016. on the topic Paris Summit EU and Western Balkans after Brexit
Tenth Debate was held in Kikinda on June 14, 2016. on the topic Cross-border cooperation– how to make better benefits from IPA funds
Ninth Debate was held in Kruševac on May 12, 2016. on the topic Adjusting Serbian Economy to the EU’s Single Market – Relevance for the Local Companies

Eight Debate was held in Subotica on April 21, 2016. on the topic  EU Migration Policy and Consequences for Serbia

Seventh Debate was held in Bor on April 1, 2016. on the topic Climate Changes and Enviromental Protection in Serbia

Sixth Debate was held in Novi Sad on November 26, 2015. on the topic Establishing the EU Energy Union and implications for Serbia

Fifth Debate was held in Sremska Mitrovica on November 5, 2015. on the topic Future of Regional Cooperation

Fourth Debate was held in Novi Pazar on October 22, 2015. on the topic Serbia’s Relations with Neighbouring Countries

Third Debate was held in Lazarevac on October 8, 2015.  on the topic Serbian relations with the major foreign policy partners

Second Debate was held in Leskovac on May 21, 2015. on the topic Social, political and cultural implications of migration.

First Debate was held in  Kraljevo on  April 16, 2015.  on the topic New Chapter in Relations between Serbia and the EU.