• 25.12.2013.
    Dejan Šoškić, professor at the Faculty of Economy and former governor of the National Bank of Serbia – Economic Development in Serbia: Failures and Challenges
  • 18.12.2013.
    Edita Stojić Karanović, research associate at the Institute for International Politics and Economics, and president of the International Scientific Forum Danube River of Cooperation – The Danube Strategy and the importance for Serbia
  • 11.12.2013.
    Instead of the Regular Meeting of the Forum, regular annual EMinS Assemly held – Annual Report on Forum for International Releations work
  • 03.12.2013.
    Public Meeting of the Forum, Tanja Miščević
    , Head of Serbia’s Negotiating Team for the Accession of the Serbia to the EU and H.E. Michael Davenport, Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia  – Serbia and EU – New Phase in Relations


  • 27.11.2013.
    Srećko Đukić
    , Former Ambassador of Serbia to Belorus – South Stream: Russia’s retur to the Balkans
  • 20.11.2013.
    Ivo Visković
    , Member of the Forum and Former Ambassador of Serbia to Germany –  Serbia and Germany: Where do we stand and what next
  • 13.11.2013.
    Aleksandar Kovačević
    ,Member of the Forum and Senior Research at Oxford Institute for Energy Research – Strategic aspects of climate changes
  • 06.11.2013.
    Dušan Spasojević
    , Former Ambassador of Serbia to Turkey– Turkish Foreign Policy and Balkans


  • 30.10.2013.
    Jelica Kurjak
    , Former Ambassador of Serbia to Russian Federation and Member of the Forum – Contemporary Russia 
  • 23.10.2013.
    Momčilo Pantelić and Ivan Vujačić
    , Members of the Forum – America in Crisis
  • 09.10.2013.
    H.E.Ján Varšo, Ambassador of Slovak Republic – 20 years of the Slovak Republic – a success story in transformation and integration process
  • 09.10.2013.
    Milovan Božinović
    , Formed Ambassador of Serbia to Germany – Germany after elections 
  • 02.10.2013.
    Jelica Minić
    , member of the Main Board of the European Movement in Serbia and former Deputy Secretary General of the Regional Cooperation Council  – New Regional Iniciatives – G6+2


  • 26.06.2013. 
    Jova Ilić
    , Member of the Forum – Germany, Date and “Green Light”
  • 19.06.2013. 
    Instead of the Regular Meeting of the Forum Expert Debate Serbia – Croatia – what to expect after Croatia enter EU?
  • 12.06.2013.
    Instead of the Regular Meeting of the Forum Conference The Real Picture of the World
  • 05.06.2013.
    Dragoljub Žarković
    , Chief Editor of the Weekly Newspaper Vreme – Media: Secret Service of the Public Serbia


  • 29.05.2013. 
    Slaviša Orlović
    , Professor at the Faculty of Political Science  – Serbia after the Brussels Agreement
  • 22.05.2013. 
    Milan Ćulibrk
    , Acting Chief Editor of the Weekly Newspaper NIN – Serbia and Financial Institutions
  • 15.05.2013.
    Zoran Živković
    , Precident of the Political Party “Nova stranka”– Current changes on the Serbian Political Scene
  • 08.05.2013.
    Vesna Pešić
    , Senior Researche Associate at the Institute for Philosphy and Social Theory – Serbia and region after the Brussels Agreement


  • 24.04.2013. 
    Fahri Musliu
    , Correspondent for Radio Television Kosova from Belgrade – The Brussels Agreement – looking from  Priština
  • 17.04.2013. 
    Nj.E. Abdelkader Mesdoua
    , Ambassador of Algeria to Serbia – About Algeria, about Serbia and Arab world
  • 10.04.2013.
    Dejan Radenković
    , Member of the National Parliament of the Republic of Serbia  – Negotiations on Kosovo – a brak or continue 
  • 03.04.2013. 
    Nj.E.Jean-Daniel Ruch
    , Ambassador of Switzerland to Serbia– Europena politics of Switzerland



  • 27.03.2013. 
    Nastasja Radović
    , Member of the Forum – Presidential Elections in Montenegro and relations between Serbia and Montenegro
  • 20.03.2013. 
    Instead of the Regular Meeting of the Forum Public Debate Is the Enlargement future of the EU?
  • 13.03.2013.
    Oliver Ivanović
    , Former Secretary of State in the Ministry for Kosovo and Metohija – Negotiations in Brussels between Belgrade and Priština
  • 06.03.2013.
    Bogdan Lisovolnik
    , Resident Representative of the International Monetary Fund – Serbian search for Sustainable growth: Improving of the Political Framework



  • 27.02.2013. 
    Suzana Grubješić
    , Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration of the Government of the Republic of Serbia– Serbia on the EU path:Where we are?
  • 20.02.2013. 
    Matthew Palmer,
     Political Advisor in theEmbassy of the United States of America to Serbia – American actual foreign policy processes
  • 13.02.2013. 
    Marko Đurić
    , Advisor to the President of the Republic of Serbia  – Precident Foreign Policy Activities 
  • 06.02.2013. 
    Nj.E.Michael Davenport
    , Ambassador of the UK to Serbia – Britain and EU reform


  • 30.01.2013.
    Milica Delević
    ,President of the Committee for European Integration of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia  – Serbia and EU
  • 23.01.2013. 
    Milan Pajević
    , Director, European Integration Office of the Republic of Serbia – Serbia and EU:Are we closer to the Negotiations
  • 16.01.2013.
    Momčilo Pantelić
    , Member of the Forum – Bilans 2012