Foreign policy


Members of the Research Forum focused on Serbian foreign policy affairs prepare the analyses and researches that include wide spectrum of foreign affairs challenges Serbia is dealing with, primarily concerning relations with neighboring states in the Southeastern Europe, as well as relations with EU member states, USA, Russia and other actors in international relations. Analyses and researches rely on conclusions adopted by the researchers who participated in proposal writing of Serbian foreign policy strategy, which was implemented by the European Movement in Serbia in 2010. In this context, through problem analysis, based on the facts and reliable data, stressing consequences which might occur if the problems are not solved, proposing alternatives in concrete public policy proposals, Research Forum will strive to provide help to Serbian officials, neighboring states, as well as to other relevant actors of the international community. Furthermore, the Research Forum will propose concrete measures for foreign affairs issues and problems in an effort to enable and encourage partnership with members of the international community about particular questions which will not endanger foreign interests and Serbia’s stance, but will contribute to finding common ground on essential internal and foreign issues. 


Analysis of Serbia’s policy regarding its representatives’ participation in international conferences also attended by representatives of Kosovo

Author: Mrs Tatjana Papić

Belgrade, November 2011

The text analyzes Serbia’s refusal to participate in international conferences attended by representatives of Kosovo, in the light of rules of the international law. The conclusion is that such policy is unnecessary and harmful, and arguments presented by Serbia in this regard are inconsistent and confusing. It is recommended for Serbia to give up the non-participation policy in international conferences attended by representatives of Kosovo. If Serbia, despite the fact that rules of international law state the opposite, considers that mere presence of both representatives of Kosovo and Serbia at conferences would lead to doubts about its recognition of Kosovo, it is recommended that it gives a special statement which would eliminate those doubts.

The Study is available only in Serbian