Belgrade, 2011
European Movement in Serbia
Publication „Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance – IPA“ is the third edition of the guide which is dealing with this form of financial help from the EU within the regional policy for the budget period from 2007 to 2013, and which is intended for candidate countries as well as potential candidates in the process of joining the EU. Unlike the previous edition in which the attention was specifically dedicated to components to help transition and institution-building, or CBC (cross-border cooperation), in which Serbia has a possibility of using the EU help, in this publication the components dedicated to regional development, development of human resources and rural development are described in more detail by presenting the strategically and legal framework, as well as preconditions for using the funds available to candidate countries.

Taking into account the obligations of candidate countries especially in the context of managing the pre-accession funds, this time, with the detailed explanation of the terms themselves, their function, institutions and operating structures, two very important and necessary aspects of the EU fund managing are explained – Nomenclature of territorial units for statistical purposes (NUTS) and decentralized management assistance EU (DIS), which are both related to the country’s obligation to introduce statistical regions or to be able to independently manage the funds.