At the annual EMinS Assembly, the mandate of the President of the European Movement in Serbia, Jelica Minić, was extended for the next two years. At the same session, Duško Lopandić and Mirjana Prodanović were elected as new EMinS vice-presidents, and the mandate of Ivan Vujačić was extended. New members of the Main, Supervisory and Executive Board of the European Movement in Serbia were also elected. See more information about the new leadership here.

The annual and financial reports were adopted at the regular and electoral Assembly of EMiNS, and the commitment of the European Movement in Serbia to the process of European integration was confirmed. In the increasingly narrow space for civil society action in Serbia, the European Movement, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, manages to resist all pressures and challenges. This year, the dedicated team of EMinS directs all its activities towards better communication with citizens and the revitalization of the European integration process.

At the annual EMinS Assembly, concern was expressed about the war in Ukraine and messages of solidarity with the Ukrainian people were expressed.