British Ambassador to Serbia Denis Keefe said on July 5 that at a summit of Western Balkan states, scheduled to be held in London in July, one of the subjects would be solving the question of missing persons in the wars of the 1990s.

At a meeting, The Summit of the Western Balkans in London – Messages from Civil Society, organized by the European Movement in Serbia, he said that the subjects at the up-coming summit would be economic, political but also security questions.

“We will focus on how the Berlin Process can help solve regional disputes, such as frontier disputes. Another subject at the summit will be the regional approach to questions of heritage, but also of missing persons in the wars of the 1990s,” Keefe said, adding that the meeting would be attended by British Prime Minister Theresa May and British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

Keefe said that one of the key foreign political interests of his country was for the area of the Western Balkans to be safer, more stable and economically developed as, even though Great Britain was leaving the EU, it was not leaving the values and interests that it had shared with Europe for hundreds of years.

Chief of the Polish Embassy’s political and economic department in Serbia Andzei Kindiuk announced that the aforementioned summit would be held in Warsaw in 2019.

“Poland joined the Berlin Process this year. We are following the idea that Polish Pope John Paul II had, as long as 20 years ago, about Europe breathing with both lungs – West and East. We will jointly work on that idea to be fruitful and come true,” he said.

The Fifth Summit of Western Balkan Countries will be held in London from July 9-10 within the Berlin Process, as an initiative launched by German Chancellor Angela Merkel in 2014, and it will assemble the prime ministers and ministers of the Western Balkan countries, partners from the EU and the Union’s institutions.