This year, the European Movement Serbia marks its 30th anniversary. As one of the oldest and most influential non-governmental organizations, we are proud of the reputation we have gained among the citizens and we will, despite all the difficulties, try to persevere in the fight for a democratic and modern Serbia, together with you.

Aware that many of you have grown tired of promises and expectations, and that you have begun to find European integration and the enlargement process just worn-out terms, we offer something new, fresh, and interesting.

We want to talk to you, listen to you and do our best to make you hear us. We will speak your language in an effort to find out if and how we can all benefit from becoming part of the European family.

To achieve that, we invite all citizens, especially young people, to join us and to work together with us. Let’s not talk about projects that seem unfamiliar to you, but about ideas and work that we can do together.

We need your support to give a sense of meaning to what we are doing, to revive through dialogues and constructive talks what we call European values: dignity, freedom, being sure that our rights are protected and guaranteed by the state, to respect others and to be respected.

Let’s talk and work together. If you believe in what we are doing and want to contribute to our efforts, contact and take part in our work.

It is time for our differences to unite us.