A new EU Glossary was presented on November 23 in the Belgrade University Rectorate, as the first publication of its kind in Serbian, for providing better understanding of the European Union (EU), the Union’s institutions, policies and trends.

Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia Sem Fabrizi handed a copy of the EU Glossary to Belgrade Rector Ivanka Popović and the Faculty of Political Sciences dean, Dragan Simić. In addition, the Faculty’s library received 50 English-language books on EU policies, as a gift from the Delegation.

At a debate called, Let’s Talk about the EU, organized by the European Movement in Serbia, which also included the presentation of the EU Glossary, Fabrizi congratulated the Belgrade University on its 210th anniversary, underlining that the EU was committed to helping education in Serbia while cooperating “closely” with Serbian institutions in the process.

The EU Glossary contains 251 terms, separated into two sections, each with five different areas.

“The EU is a symbol of faith and trust between people, translated into specific ideas and projects. This is why it is important to understand what the EU is,” Fabrizi said.

After the EU Delegation’s gift-giving ceremony for the Belgrade University and the Faculty of Political Sciences, the student participants in the debate asked the rector and the EU ambassador questions about the EU accession process, the upcoming European elections, accession standards, EU challenges, the Erasmus+ program, etc.