The call for a new generation of attendees as part of the “Share Your Knowledge” program, jointly run by the United States Embassy in Belgrade, Erste Bank, the Organization for European Security and Cooperation and the European Movement in Serbia marked the ninth consecutive year of the program.

We invite young women with a minimum of six months of relevant professional engagement (volunteering, internships, work etc.) that live and work in the territory of the Republic of Serbia and require mentoring support to apply. The program offers special support to young entrepreneurs in agriculture and to Roma women.

The “Share Your Knowledge” program is a unique program opening possibilities for personal and professional development of women. It is founded on the concept of mentoring and guided towards building mutual support for women, through sharing knowledge, experience, strengthening solidarity, promoting good role models, networking and empowering women.

The goal of the “Share Your Knowledge” program is the professional and personal empowerment of women in our society through exchanging experiences and knowledge. It is guided by the idea that successful and competent women, leaders coming from a myriad of professions, can share their knowledge and experiences with young women of similar interests to contribute to a positive shift and setup healthy foundations towards long-term communal cooperation.

The mentoring model was developed in the world and is successfully realized in just about every sphere of society, from science to business and politics. Taking in consideration our environment and societal opportunities, the model was adapted to the Serbian target group. The process of European integration of Serbian is a process of institutional reform and construction of a democratic and prosperous society. Empowered and successful women are one of the pillars of such a society.

Through taking part in the program mentees get the chance to through roundtables and workshops, take on important skills of networking, the ways of using the experience you already have and getting new ones, getting advice on how to further develop your career or get a job, learning about the possibilities of further development and the possibilities of international exchange, get useful advice in regards to further application to calls, development programs and the like.

The program will be realized in the period running from January to November 2019. In that time, the mentor and the chosen mentored attendee will be in contact, exchanging experiences and meeting periodically. Also, there are plans in place for organizing two round tables where all program participants will exchange opinions and experiences and talk about different topics, three workshops with the goal of further empowerment and two public debates that will be organized outside of Belgrade. The events are held on every last Saturday in the month except in March (the 9th of March), July (no event held) and in November (the Mentoring Walk is traditionally organized in the middle of November and program attendees walk a certain route together, sharing knowledge and experiences and getting certificates).

The mentored attendees will be paired up with their appropriate mentors, in accordance with their professional orientation and interests.

The call is open from October 1st to November 30th. You can complete the application form here.