Applications are open for the 13th generation of mentors, as part of the “Share Your Knowledge” program, which is jointly implemented by the Embassy of the United States of America in Belgrade, the Organization for European Security and Cooperation, and the European Movement in Serbia.

We invite young women (and women who are young at heart!), who have at least six months of relevant professional engagement (volunteering, internship, employment, etc.) from the territory of the Republic of Serbia. The program especially welcomes young entrepreneurs in agriculture and Roma women.

The program “Share your knowledge” is a unique program that opens the possibility for personal and professional development of women. It is based on the concept of mentoring, and is aimed at building mutual support of women, through sharing knowledge, experiences, strengthening solidarity, promoting good role models, networking, and empowering women. For 13 years, the program has managed to adapt to the needs of women’s professional and personal development, providing support to the women’s community in challenging times.

In 2023, we will continue the development of the “Share your knowledge – Bosnia and Herzegovina” program with the support of the US Embassy to implement the program simultaneously in both countries. More information about the program and applications for girls from BiH can be found HERE.

The goal of the program “Share your knowledge” is the professional and personal empowerment of women in our society, through the exchange of experiences and knowledge. It is guided by the idea that successful and professional women, leaders from various professions, share their knowledge and experiences with young women of similar interests to contribute to the creation of opportunities for young women to improve their career paths, with the intention of achieving positive progress and laying healthy foundations for future long-term cooperation.

The activities within the Program, which lasts from January to November, are as follows:

  • Work with a mentor 1 on 1 – At the beginning of the cycle, each mentee receives a mentor with whom she works continuously for 10 months on personal and professional empowerment according to the dynamics they determine together.
  • Group activities – round tables, workshops, and study visits – bring together mentors and other women who support the Program. The workshops are intended to develop and strengthen the skills of mentors. The round tables are opportunities to talk with women from different professions, who, by sharing their experiences and their stories, talk about the challenges faced by women in different professional fields. The study visits are intended to familiarize the mentors with women’s initiatives that represent examples of good practice in various fields: activism, entrepreneurship and the like, and at the same time represent an opportunity for joint travel and socializing.
  • Mentoring walks – special joint activities that serve to promote women’s solidarity, fight for women’s rights and women’s cooperation through mentoring. The first Mentor Walk is held in March (each time in a different city) dedicated to International Women’s Day, while the second is held as part of the final event in November in Belgrade. The mentoring walks are part of the global initiative Vital Voices Global Leadership Network, within which a series of mentoring walks are organized around the world, on the same day, every year in several countries around the world.
  • Share your knowledge podcasts – represent a key part of strengthening the visibility of cooperation and solidarity that form the foundations of the Program. In podcasts, alumni and participants share their professional and personal stories that inspire further development and support in the women’s community.

The competition is currently open for mentorships and the deadline for applications is November 30 until 11:59 p.m. It is possible to apply for the competition by filling out the application form.

Candidates go through 2 stages of selection:

–              First phase: review of online applications (forms), which includes fulfillment of program conditions and clarity of motivation for participation – all candidates will be informed of the results by mid-December.

–              Second stage: online interviews will be organized in the second half of December with female candidates who pass the first stage of selection. This phase includes the selection criteria of the clarity of the goal of participation and the contribution that the Program can provide.

Mentors are chosen based on the profile of the selected girls (professional affinities and personal interests). The competition for female mentors is open throughout the year. Mentors can apply by sending a CV and motivation letter to throughout the year, thus becoming part of the database of mentors and being contacted during the selection process of mentors based on the selection of mentors before the official start of the program.