“The Ukrainian crisis has not yet seriously affected the Serbian economy. The disruptions we are experiencing now are part of the crisis caused by the covid pandemic, and how the situation in Eastern Europe will affect our economy is hard to predict at the moment.”

This is the conclusion that was agreed upon by practically all the participants of the panel discussion “The impact of the Ukrainian crisis on the Serbian economy”, which was held on April 15th at the Employers Union of Serbia. Good connoisseurs of the situation from various fields of activity believe that uncertainty is what is currently most disturbing to all economic subjects in these areas.

The president of the European Movement in Serbia, Jelica Minic, reminds that the EU is in big trouble, because the current crisis is just one in a series that has hit the European member states. The EU community is closely related to Russia and Ukraine in terms of trade, energy and raw materials.

The panel was attended by Bojan Stanić, assistant director for analytics of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, representatives of the Employers Union of Serbia, Jelica Minić, president of the European Movement in Serbia, Jovan Zubović, director of the Institute of Economic Sciences, Silvija Herceg, deputy director of Confindustrie Serbia and representatives of the Center for High Economic studies.