After the announced competition for participants of the fifth generation of SEI, the project team selected participants for two modules of this year’s program: Rule of Law and Sustainable Development. Program participants are representatives of civil society organizations, the media, public administration officials, as well as students and entrepreneurs from the north of Kosovo * and from Gračanica.

This year, the program has been innovated and focused on specific areas of importance for the local community, which aims to improve knowledge and understanding of the European integration process and to build capacities of particular importance for the local community in the area of ​​rule of law and sustainable development. Activities begin with a joint seminar in Vrnjačka Banja, which aims to deepen the participants’ knowledge on EU starting from her history, ways of functioning, institutions, instruments and policies and processes of European integration.

After the seminar, participants will be divided into two groups, depending on their application and continue to participate in specially designed workshops and lectures in selected areas. Activities related to the Rule of Law module will be organized in cooperation with NGO AKTIV from the north of Kosovo*, while activities related to the Sustainable Development module will be organized in cooperation with the organization Communication for Social Development from Gračanica. Study visits to Belgrade and Priština will also be organized for the participants, as well as a series of open lectures in the second half of the year.

Kosovo Foundation for Open Society, in cooperation with the European Movement in Serbia and NGO AKTIV, launched the School of European Integration in 2014 for key actors in northern Kosovo. In 2018, Communication for Social Development from Gračanica joined the project team which will contribute to the expansion of the School achieving better results in other local communities. Find more info on the project here.