Project Description

 How to establish a social enterprise in Serbia?
All about social economy and social entrepreneurship packed in one place. Short and useful guide for those who would like, but do not know how to set up a social enterprise or a cooperative in Serbia. This “step by step” guide is a simple and efficient way to collect and display all the necessary and useful information for future social entrepreneurs.


Which principles guide the concept of social economy? In the current legal framework, which procedures should be followed in the establishment? What are the relevant institutions? How to provide the necessary resources, co-workers, establish contacts and discover similar experience? For those already established social enterprises, how they work and which services are? Where to acquire the necessary knowledge and experience?

The emphasis is on concrete examples and advice of experts and entrepreneurs in various fields. The information and, above all, inspiration will be written in interesting and accessible manner and clear language.

Distribution: Guide will be available online and in hard copy, on various events, conferences, counters ministries, the youth offices, employment bureaus, civil society organizations, social enterprises, etc.


Project will last for 6 months, from April to October 2016.