Project Description

Countries of the Western Balkans are among the candidates for the next wave of EU enlargement. Yet the very Western Balkan countries are at different stages of the accession process and at different levels of implemented reforms. Experience gained, has proved that civil society is of great importance to the quality of the process itself, thanks to its expertise and experience in specific areas. Civil society organizations in Serbia and Montenegro formed a model of cooperation National Convention on the EU or the National Convention on European Integration of Montenegro. This project has been very successful and as such is a valuable model for the exchange of knowledge and practices with neighboring countries and attempts to develop a Regional Convention on European integration.
Regional Convention on the European Integration is going to be especially aligned to regional circumstances and will rely on the experience of the EU countries, especially Slovakia. The goal is to create a regional network that would include experts from the countries of the Western Balkans both from the state and civil society, on the one hand, and those from the EU countries of the Visegrad Group (Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland).
Overall objective of the project is to contribute to the strengthening the position of civil society in the process of European integration and cooperation with state institutions in the countries of the Western Balkans
This will be achieved through the involvement of experts from the EU and the Visegrad Group that have already gone through this process and have the knowledge and experience that can be shared with civil society organizations, media and representatives of state institutions from Serbia, Montenegro and Albania, and in accordance with good working practice of two National Conventions.
Specific objectives: establishing a regional forum for discussion, transfer of knowledge, best practices and advocating for the accession of the Western Balkan countries in the EU.

1. Seminar 1 – Cooperation between State and Civil Sector Organizations in the Process of EU Integration
2. Seminar 2 – Cooperation between state and civil sector in the field of Judiciary and Fundamental Rights (Chapter 23)

3. Seminar 3 – Cooperation between state and civil sector in the field of Justice, Freedom and Security (Chapter 24)

4. Seminar 4 – Networking of Western Balkans and EU structures: How to promote regional values and achievements in the EU – experience of Visegrad Group

5. Regional Conference: Cooperation Between State and Civil Sector Organizations in the Process of EU Integration

TIMEFRAME: 12 months (September 2014- September 2015)











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