Project Description

One of the key priorities of the European Movement in Serbia is to recognize adequate roles and competences among different social entities in the pre-accession period. To achieve this goal, the EMinS initiated the School for the European Integrations as a model to be implemented based on the needs and demands of specific target groups, funds and donors.

The main goal of the Schools is to build the capacity of local and regional administrations, civil society organizations, and media necessary for the process of European integrations.

The training covers a wide range of topics, depending on the beneficiaries’ interests and needs: the history of the European Union, the description of its institutions and their jurisdictions, the decision-making process, the enlargement policy, regional cooperation, EU policies, on-line databases, EU search engines, the role of local government in the integration process, available funds and training seminars for applying for European programs and funds.

The program is specifically designed for each seminar: theoretical and practical parts, the choice of lecturers and training material and instructions, the organization of the training itself and the logistics (venue, transport, refreshment, technical equipment, evaluation and reporting).

To date, the seminars have been organized for the following clients: the Belgrade City Administration (donor: the Belgrade City Assembly); the Municipality of Kovin (donor: Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe E.V.); the multiethnic group of civil society representatives from Kosovo (donor: the Kosovo Open Society Fund).