Project Description

The process of cooperation and mutual understanding and support between Serbia and Albania has a strategic importance for the European integration of the Western Balkans. The main obstacle standing in the way for a normal and fruitful relation between Albania and Serbia is the lack of knowing each other, the lack of opportunities for more intensive contact and working together. This applies more to the other sectors than to politics even though politics produces the largest share of confrontational rhetoric. Normalization starts with knowing and accepting each-other. The best examples that illustrate that this can happen are exactly from the civil society sector through common projects and this should be extended and widened.

The mirroring public poll on mutual perceptions would facilitate identification of the key issues to be addressed through the serial of joint activities.

Having in mind the incoming Summit of the WB6 to be held in Paris, next year, as continuation of the Berlin Summit 2014 and Vienna Summit 2015, with additional focus on solving bilateral issues in the region, we believe that with this initiative Serbia and Albania will contribute to this process and improvement of overall cooperation in the region.


Setting up a bilateral instrument with follow up events for interaction which assist normalization of relations and collaboration between Serbia and Albania.

Target Groups: Citizens of Serbia and Albania



  • Conducting of Research
  • Presentation of Results
  • Defining Recommendations

Project activities are conducted from September 2015.
Project is realising in cooperation in partnership with Friedrich Ebert Foundation.