Project Description

The basic idea of the “Traveling to Europe” project was to enable the best students, enrolled in the final years of their studies from all universities in Serbia, to obtain inter-rail tickets and an allowance, to create their own itinerary and spend their summer holiday, between two academic years, travelling around Europe.

This project has been implemented since 2005 in Serbia and since 2007 with partners from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia. On a regional level, the general sponsor of the “Traveling to Europe” project is the Robert Bosch Foundation.

The project objectives include: enabling direct encounters and correspondence with young people from the EU as well as the popularization of European ideas and values in Serbia. This project strongly promotes education as a valid path to success in life. The competition is publicized annually, in May, and the target groups are students who fulfill the precise criteria defined in the announcement. In a first selection the jury chooses candidates who are then invited for an interview and, when final selection is made, a list of the students who will receive the scholarship is published. They receive their InterRail tickets, an allowance and insurance at a ceremony in mid-July, after which their journey to Europe may begin.

Each return means Serbia has become richer, a group of its best students, future leaders in the academic field, have enhanced their education with another life experience learning about European countries and citizens. From 2005, in total 1360 students had a chance to travel all around Europe.

Project has been implemented with the support from the Robert Bosch Foundation, the Balkan Trust for Democracy, Raiffeisen Bank, Uniqa Insurance , Serbia Train and the Austrian Embassy in Belgrade. EU Info Center Belgrade is a friend of the Project.










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