Let Women Decide!, 2007

Women Government and European Movement in Serbia (EMinS) in cooperation with the local councils’ network of EMinS, are implementing a Get out to vote campaign “Let women decide” for the parliamentary elections in Serbia, January 21st, 2007.

The main aims of the “Let Women Decide” campaign were:

  • Greater turnout of women voters at the parliamentary elections in Serbia on January 21, 2007,
  • Entrance of greater number of women in the Serbian institutions after the elections – minimum 30%,
  • Using the year 2007 – the year of equal opportunities – as the chance for women in Serbia to increase and better use their rights,
  • Sending a message to the citizens and politicians of the EU member countries that there is an unexploited democratic potential (women in action) in Serbia and expectations that it will be supported in order to get the country sooner into the European structures.

The campaign is performed in Belgrade and 30 municipalities in Serbia where EMinS Local Councils operate: Nis, Novi Sad, Novi Pazar and Kragujevac, Zrenjanin, Kraljevo, Čačak, Vršac, Kikinda, Požarevac, Vrbas, Velika Plana, Pancevo, Pirot, Kruševac, Užice, Majdanpek, Leskovac, Lazarevac, Zaječar, Paraćin, Bor, Valjevo, Jagodina, Subotica, Sremska Mitrovica, Požega, Sombor, Bajina Bašta.

The main activities during the campaign were:

  • Media campaign consisting of TV spot and radio jingle stimulating women to vote and to vote for pro-European women candidates, was emitted at the RTS, TV 5 and TV Panonija, as well as on local televisions. Members of the Women’s Government also participated as guests at the local TVs in 5 towns.
  • Public debates were organized in 5 towns where members of the Women Government and EMinS will be guest speakers together with women politicians which are on the parties/coalitions lists. The main topic will be women’s participation in the politics and invitation to the women’s constituency to use their right to vote. EMinS local councils will organize the event and invite civil society representatives, media, and especially young women from the parties’ youth.
  • Street actions will be organized in 30 towns of Serbia. Young activists will disseminate informative material (informative brochure about the importance of women participation in democratic and decision making process, pens, balloons, flags, and especially apples from the baskets) to the women. Street action will take place at the most frequent town spots: supermarkets, shops, perfumeries, green markets etc.
  • Women Convention

The final activity in the GOTV campaign “LET WOMEN DECIDE!” will be organization of the Pre-electoral Women Convention, gathering all women from the lists of the pro-democratic, pro-European political parties. The Convention will be held on January 13, at 5 minutes to 12 a.m. In addition to the women who are politically active, other prominent individuals will be invited: 161 women candidates (experts and professionals) from the Women’s Government contest, 100 respectable women, women ambassadors and other women diplomats, representatives of media, civil society, business etc.

The Convention is aimed to promote women’s determination in supporting the pro-European political and social option for Serbia