EMinS Award



“Contribution of the Year to Europe Award” is given by the European Movement in Serbia in cooperation with the International European Movement.

This highly appreciated recognition is awarded to the person who contributed the most to the process of European integration and the promotion of European ideas and values in Serbia.

Until now, this award has been presented ten times, and laureates, presented in their positions held at that time, were:

  • Mr. Goran Svilanović, minister for foreign affairs, year 2002
  • Mr. Dusko Lopandić, assistant minister for international economic relations, year 2003
  • Ms. Jasmina Seferović, journalist, B92 TV, year 2004
  • Ms. Gordana Lazarević, assistant minister for international economic relations, year 2005
  • Ms. Tanja Miščević, director, European Integration Office, Republic of Serbia, year 2006
  • Mr. Jovan Teokarević, establisher, director and editor in chief of European Forum, monthly magazine for European integration, year 2007
  • Association of Citizens EXIT, year 2008
  • Ms. Milica Delević, assistant minister and general director of General direction for the EU in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, year 2008
  • Mr. Ivan Tasovac, director, Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, year 2009
  • Mr. Ivan Vejvoda, director, Balkan Trust for Democracy, year 2010
  • Mrs. Sonja Licht, director of Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence; pupils and professors of the Belgrade Mathematic Gymnasium; and the City Municipality Lazarevac Anti-Corruption Council, year 2011
  • Mr. Rodoljub Šabić, commissioner for information of public importance and personal data protection; and Mr. Saša Janković, ombudsman, year 2012
  • Ms. dr Jelica Minić, deputy general secretary of the Regional Cooperation Council, year 2013
  • Mr. Predrag Marić, assistent minister adn head of the Emergency Situations Sector at the Ministry of Interior, year 2014 
  • Mr. Saša Janković, ombudsman, year 2015
  • Mr. Vladimir Petronijević, Group 484 and the Refugee Aid Miksalište, year 2016.


An independent Jury, consisting of former laureates decides upon laureates each year.